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THE OLD PIKE POST is the Society's quarterly newsletter. It is mailed to all members. Included in the newsletter are queries (no charge), names of other members (for networking purposes), stories of genealogical interest, historical items of note, and lists of new publications obtained by the Society, among other items.

Back issues of the Old Pike Post are available for purchase. There are four issues per year, and as of this year (2024) there are 39 previous years of issues. The first six years the newsletter was published in a legal-sized format, and is usually just a couple of pages long. From the seventh year forward, the Old Pike Post was published in a traditional format, and is usually ten pages long. The latter years are often 12-14 pages in length. Costs are as follows:

Volumes 1 through 6 - $1.50 each issue, four issues per volume
Volumes 7 through 36 - $2.00 each issue, four issues per volume

Click here to view an index of past issues.

Issues can be purchased individually or in bulk. Those wishing to purchase a larger number of newsletters, paper copies, can purchase them at a slightly reduced rate, as they can be mailed together at the periodical rate. Contact the Society for a price, if this is what you would like to do. A flash drive is also available with the entire 36 years of The Old Pike Post in pdf format for a donation of $50.00. Checks are made payable to the Genealogical Society of Allegany County, and are mailed to:

Genealogical Society of Allegany County
P.O. Box 3103
LaVale, MD 21504-3103

RURAL CEMETERIES OF ALLEGANY COUNTY, an indexed 284 page hardback book, contains a listing of the burials in many of the county's rural cemeteries. A very limited number of these books are still available for a donation. Contact the Society for availability.